Thursday, May 27, 2010

Delectable, Organic Vegetarian .. London!

One of the final days of our trip, strolling Portobello Road - not during market day, but the following afternoon, when Notting Hill is a bit quieter. Luscombe's organic juice - simply the tastiest blend of Carrot and Sicilian Orange with a bit of lemon to add zest; concocted in Buckfastleigh (great name!), Devon.

Lunch was at Gail's Bread; an open-face vegetable tart with flaky crust - picture does not do it justice - along with a red rice salad. And yes, the sun finally broke through, streaming in through the window.
Foodie heaven.

And a celebrity sighting, too: Looked like actor Barnaby Kay walking by, after we had seen him appear the previous day in a revival of Tom Stoppard's 'The Real Thing' at The Old Vic!


  1. Ok, it's officially lunch time now! I love how many celebrities walk around London. I remember working in a cake shop near Waterloo and my coworkers coming up to me saying that the person I had just helped was some sort of British celebrity. Who? Hmmm, well that's cool (shrug). Awesome that you could recognize them!

  2. Luscombe is delicious - bought it in Devon and still remember the taste.