Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beautiful yet Noxious .. Tamarisk

A follow-up to Monday's post showing a gorgeous Tamarisk holding center stage at London's
Chelsea Physic GardenAs gardening/blogging compatriot, Helen, aka Toronto Gardens recently pointed out, Tamarix ramosissima is considered to be an invasive plant.
I have vivid memories of seeing a beauty such as the one pictured here in a private garden in Provence a few years ago. Yet, as responsible stewards of our own bits of the earth, we must respect the fact that while we might be swayed to plant this tree, it would be a mistake to do so.

Perhaps you'd like to visit another London garden with nary a Tamarisk in sight!
For your pleasure ... a 1.5 acre rooftop landscape cultivated in the very heart of London's Kensington District!
Click on the link to the feature on Alice's Garden Travel Buzz: Kensington Roof Gardens


  1. Lovely Tamarisk I put one in my garden a couple of years ago only because I believe it is ok to prune them as there was not a lot of space for it.

    I never did get round to visiting Kensington Roof garden something I meant to do on the many trips there when Rachel was at music college but it was undergoing work then and now I rarely get to Kensington, so it was nice to see it on your blog Alice.

  2. Oh bother...another sly seductress. Oh well, the Tamarisk is pretty, but I'll just be content to look at this tree in pictures.

  3. It is a beauty, pity that is can't behave.