Monday, May 24, 2010

LONDON Calling .. Gardens Galore in the Weeks Ahead

A rare peony growing alongside the pond at Chelsea Physic Garden.
So much to share: Here, a few sights/sites to revisit.

I've returned from the U.K. with stories to tell and garden gossip. After experiencing two weeks of cold weather, the sun appeared, blazing among the aisles of London's Chelsea Physic Garden; preening with Paeonia and poppies.
A scene-stealer... the brilliant Tamarisk.

Physician, entrepreneur, plant collector: Sir Hans Sloane stands watch over the Physic Garden's amazing flora. Imagine! I returned today just as the Chelsea Flower Show was about to kick off. And though I've attended this fabulous show in previous years, I had other plans to occupy my days on this sojourn.

Detail of a rare, wonderful Echium - E. wildpretii

Along Portobello Road, cascading golden panicles of Laburnum trees draped the sidewalks.

Look for garden touring from London to Wales, continuing in the weeks ahead here on
Bay Area Tendrils
Jet lag notwithstanding.


  1. Beautiful photos! We're heading off to England here very shortly. I'm excited!

  2. Oh my, the Tamarisk really is a scene stealer...what a beautiful tree!

  3. Alice:
    I have been lax of late in visiting my blogging cohorts weblogs, but am most interested in seeing what else you have in store for us. I love the rare Paeonia.... and the Echium is tantalizing to say the very least!