Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Solitary Survivor .. Dendrobium Orchid

Hundreds of species and cultivars grow in Alice's garden ... but there is only one orchid:
Dendrobium x delicatum 'Extra Fine'
is blooming rather late this year. A single stem sends out flowers, unlike previous seasons, when sprays emerged from multiple stems. A dear friend passed this plant along, a savvy plantsman and native San Franciscan with impressive expertise in the sphere of orchid cultivation. I've managed to keep the plant alive, although a more tender specimen - Masdevallia coccinea 'Leywoods' did not survive. I'm appalled to report that I failed to provide winter protection for the tender Masdevallia orchid and it perished.

The Dendrobium receives a bit of coddling during the rainy season, when it's placed outside the french doors on the back porch. There, it avoids the worst of my micro-climate's winter frosts that drape the floor of the garden, and the onslaught of drenching rainfall, resulting in soggy conditions. Only .. one .. orchid.


  1. Alice:
    And a wonderful orchid at that! The delicate blush of pink..... 'tis giving me goosebumps just ogling it!

  2. Hello Alice, i didn't know Dendrobium is that adaptive and strong! Would you mind checking my post last week, you might know what species it is. It grows in a semi temperate conditions in the highlands of the Philippines. thank you.

  3. Hello everyone!

    Amazing to see such a beauty in the wild. But I'm unable to identify.


  4. Dendrobium and cymbidium are most common orchids in my city lahore. The one in your post is indeed very beautiful. Although our winters are too mild to harm Dendrobiums, this summer i am determined to buy first ever orchid for my terrace, just trying to find most fragrant species.

  5. Hi Muhammad
    Fascinating to imagine Lahore, a city where orchids are common! And the fragrance... I look forward to seeing which one you choose.

  6. Hi Alice this looks so much like a Dendrobium Kingianii or something similar that I have. Mine needs to be protected in winter and lives in the back porch. It has not done well for a few years and I decided I might throw it away because it takes up too much room. Well it produced flowers at last, it has not flowered for years but the perfume is amazing and so I must take more care to give it what it needs and perhaps it will flower again next year.

  7. That is just one stunning and elegant orchid. I love orchids but unfortunately, my husband is allergic to many flowers so I can't have any inside my house. I'll keep an eye on this one when I buy flowers for my mom.

  8. Awww... It's beautiful. We had a couple of orchids at home. This one is stunning.