Friday, June 4, 2010

Count Your Chickens! .. Artful Edible Gardenscapes

Workshop at The Marin Art & Garden Center - Friday, June 18th.
Pictured: Pollinator Garden designed by Kate Frey, one of the presenters.
News of another timely workshop from The Garden Conservancy! To feature a morning of talks, a farm-fresh lunch, & afternoon garden visits followed by a reception.
Pictured: Private edible garden designed by Blasen Landscape Architecture
Photo: Shirley Collenette
The Norwood Garden will also be featured on the day's garden tours. Photo: Marion Brenner

The workshop's focus: Growing edibles in your home garden, dipping into the topics of both cooking and gardening. There'll be a history lesson on classical kitchen gardens and contemporary design, along with short talks that promise to whet the appetite for growing plants for flavor; mixing ornamentals and edibles; the charm of chickens; and an aspect I think of as basic stewardship: Creating the sort of healthy environment that attracts pollinators.
Artichoke Bloom from Nancy Goslee Power's book: Power of Gardens

I'm a great fan of the design work of Nancy Goslee Power and Associates, whose projects include the Norton Simon Museum Sculpture Garden. But I've yet to have the chance to hear her speak, so I'm anticipating what she will share in her presentation:
Fields to Front Yards: A History of Classical Kitchen Gardens

I've only mentioned a few of the speakers and topics. There's much more, along with the afternoon visits to two kitchen gardens in Marin County, another workshop highlight.

Shirley Collenette's garden is one I've wanted to visit for quite some time.
In the final garden of the day, wine will be served and participants will have a chance to chat.

The Marin Art & Garden Center is at 30 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, in Ross, California.
Workshop hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Details and registration online:


  1. I wish I could attend these talks. THe photo of the chicken in the edible garden is just so beautiful. I really wish I had the ability to keep chickens in my yard.

  2. Sounds very interesting especially the fields to front yards.

  3. I wish I have the freedom of keeping chickens within my little garden in urban residential area... ~bangchik

  4. I'm envious--all the cool opportunities you have to hear all these interesting and talented people!

  5. Hello all,

    I'll be reporting back after attending this cool workshop.

    Must say, the popularity of chickens seems to be growing at a staggering rate! But I won't be able to join the throngs, either. Some of us will have to make do with purchasing the freshest eggs we can find, albeit, paying a premium for them.