Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tis the Season for Lavender & Roses - Summery Scenes

Tis the season for lavender and roses!

Summery Scenes from a garden visit in Northern California:
On one day only these private gardens open their gates as part of
The Garden Conservancy ... Open Days Program.

As promised, a few glimpses of one of the featured gardens on this year's Open Days, which coincided with peak rose bloom.

Above: Austin's Rosa 'Graham Thomas' perhaps?

Pictured below: One of the stately homes featured on last weekend's open gardens.

On this extensive property, the dense greenery of shrubs, vines, and mature trees provides plenty of shady nooks.

The historic Victorian house and grounds have recently undergone a comprehensive restoration.

As our dry season generally persists for six months of the year, a pool is a welcome addition to the landscape.

Perhaps the most beautiful mature dogwood I've ever come upon, with pale, buttery yellow bracts. Despite the construction work, the tree appeared extremely healthy.

Central Water Feature with a Classical Theme

The Dogwood in all its glory.

Rose draped arbors helped to define the garden's intimate spaces.

A greenhouse filled with colorful succulents and tender specimens, amidst a welcoming layout of rose beds combined with perennial plantings to attract beneficial insects, butterflies and birds.
An intimate garden room where visitors seemed to naturally congregate amid the aromatic herbs & roses.


  1. Alice, it is lovely of you to allow us to live vicariously, visiting so many unique gardens! Will enjoy your travels in the future - Zoe @ pearled earth

  2. Oh my Goodness,

    What a beautiful garden. I absolutely love the be able to garden in California would be heaven!

  3. That dogwood is exceptional, Alice, as are the rose arbors (and I agree: I think that yellow rose at the top could well be 'Graham Stuart Thomas'). And the greenhouse, and...all I need is the land and the gardening staff, and I'll be all set.

  4. Rose draped arbors are perfect... white flowers crowning densely giving shape and some sense about beauty. ~bangchik

  5. Delighted to have you all come along with me on this private garden visit!

    One more Open Garden to follow. One with a view of the Bay, and even more extensive grounds.

    Not like our personal gardens - these estates do demand gardening staff, as PB suggests!!

    Cheers, Alice