Saturday, June 26, 2010

Essential Focal Point! A Parade of Garden Benches

One of the benches at .. Veddw in Wales

I can think of no other garden element as essential as a bench:
(Above: A private garden, soon to be featured on Alice's Garden Travel Buzz)

An element that can take an intriguing variety of forms...
...while expressing a distinctive style.

An element that makes a bold, artful statement!

Stone Bench/Blue Arbor - Alice's Garden
Or adds a highly personal touch.

An element that can act as an architectural device, yet be totally inviting.

Cornerstone Sonoma - Wine Country
An element of beauty...
...or a spot to simply take in the surroundings.

A form that pays homage to great garden figures such as Lutyens.

Or reminds visitors of a garden-maker's most treasured place to enjoy the landscape.


  1. Beautiful benches and wonderful theme to focus on. It's so fun to see what different types of seating are offered in various gardens. I'm going to be sure to take notice of seats in my area gardens.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful! Now, what a great way to show us the use of chairs and benches in garden designs. Actually, I'd like to sit on each and every chair, bench, stone pictured here.

  3. They are all lovely, though I think my favorites include the benches that just blend into the surroundings, especially when they are stone or curved wood. Those are so artistic, to me anyway. There is a wonderful curved wooden bench similar to the one you have here, at Bloedel Garden...last picture of my post...

  4. Alice, A lovely thought-provoking post. I'll take the Sonoma one for my garden - and the blooms around it. Pam

  5. Hello all,

    This is something I've been wanting to post for some time. Have many more images, perhaps there'll be a Part II!

    What sort do you have in your garden?

    Autumn Belle
    Glad you enjoy the inviting aspect of the seating as it adds to each scene.

    I do love Bloedel. Such a special place! It's been a while since my last visit, so it's time to return.

    See you in Sonoma!

  6. Yes, I love garden benches and statuary most as elements in gardens. Oh ! And of course fountains ! I want some authentic Charleston, SC wrought iron benches, but they are very uncomfortable and about 350.+ each. Not so much money, but trying to simplify and buy only what we truly need. Love the post, Gina

  7. Gina,

    Now I'm tempted to post some super iron benches, and of course, Fountains! xo

  8. Hello,
    I love the idea of the benches and some are very beautiful.

  9. Ah yes the all important garden bench, a throne from where one can look out and admire there kingdom of vegetation. A must in any garden

  10. There's something about a garden bench. The best ones are like sculpture. But they also invite you to pause, sit and take in the view or think deep, gardeny thoughts. In that sense, they're unlike almost anything else in the garden. Even a fragrant flower only captures you for as long as it takes to breathe deeply. Bridges over water come close.

  11. I like this feature on benches. The stone in the rhodo pavilion is beautiful.

  12. Geeze. You beat me to it. I've had a bench piece simmering in the background for a long long time! Love what you included.

  13. I was looking on all the post in here and it was awesome seeing things like this. It's like I'm in a paradise. The garden was transpose to something elegant. It helps me thinking of an idea how to transform my dull garden.

    John Absco