Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rarest of the Rare .. Plantaholic's Pendant Perennial

Campanula takesimana 'Beautiful Trust' ... a Heronswood Nursery introduction
during Dan Hinkley's tenure as owner-in-residence.
A plant that has complete power over me. It's true.
C. t. 'Beautiful Trust' was ordered from Heronswood Nursery during the garden's early years, when each and every plant was carefully chosen to fill in the new beds and borders being created from scratch.

Other unusual Heronswood varieties did not survive. But I kept an eye on this rarity, and when I noticed it failed to thrive in the summer-dry conditions of my hand-watered garden, I lifted the unusual specimen from the ground and moved it to a prime spot where it could be pampered and doted upon.

Now it grows in a large galvanized tub in the sunniest spot on our pebble patio. Anxiously, I await the bloom each summer, and when the first flowers appear, I gaze delightedly from a bench alongside the planter, admiring the purest white "strap-like ...reflexed petals."

In an email, Dan Hinkley shared an often-quoted story with me about the uncommon plant:

"The ... name is somewhat humorously incorrect. The gentleman who found this and gave it to me in South Korea, Song Kihun, showed up with the plant labeled 'Beautiful Trust' the morning I was about to leave the country - (after a) night of farewells and a great number of toasts. He realized he had written the label wrong at that time - it was meant to be 'Beautiful Truth', a literal translation of his daughter's name, and told me so. By the time I got home with it, the correction was long out of my memory and it was thusly introduced under the wrong name."


  1. Beautiful flower, Alice! I can see why you cherish it.

  2. Despite the slight error with the name, it's gorgeous. I honestly don't think I would have guessed a Campanula though, it really is quite unique looking.

  3. Alice:
    A truly wonderful plant that here is most rambunctous in garden situations. I tried it and had to remove it as it wanted to take over, but have found its cousin, C. 'Pink Octopus' more agreeable to my small garden. Seeing yours brings back happy memories nonetheless!

  4. Kimberly and CVF,
    You both see why I'm so infatuated!

    Truly amazing to me that it did not behave for you, when I could barely keep it alive! But there you have it. The great difference between climate zones/ habitats/ conditions.

  5. It looks like my 'Pink Octopus,' except that it's white. I love white flowers and this really IS special! I can see why you treasure it, too.

  6. "What's in a name? That which we call a Campanula takesimana 'Beautiful Trust'
    By any other name would smell as sweet."

  7. I love this story, Alice, and the plant behind it. We too have several old school Heronswood plants, along with the old Hinkley written catalogs. Priceless. :-)