Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rain Did Not Dampen the Delights .. DeLoach Vineyards

It may be rainy season in Northern California Wine Country, but that did not stop an international coterie of journalists, authors, bloggers & permaculture professionals from enjoying a day of garden touring, wine tasting, and a delectable locavore lunch at DeLoach Vineyards.

At De Loach the entire approach to the land, from the vineyards to the culinary and insectary gardens, is fully organic and biodynamic: Awarded CCOF certification.

Our host, Jean-Charles Boisset applies sustainable principles, biodynamic farming, and organic methods to every aspect of the Boisset estates in California, France, Italy & Qu├ębec.
On the local level, in partnership with the Redwood Empire Food Bank, 100% of the proceeds from one of the excellent wines we tasted -- DeLoach Vinthropic Chardonnay -- are donated to the Food Bank.
Winegrower Eric Pooler spearheaded our tour, and allowed an up-close and personal look at the innovative bio-reactor - one of the first in the industry - that relies on micro-organisms to purify all the water used in the winemaking process so it can be called upon for landscaping and irrigation use.
Maria Mobilia is shown behind the camera, filming the tour for 
Your Garden Show.

In-depth coverage of my day at DeLoach Vineyards ...
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  1. looks liks a fun and interesting day!

  2. I haven't visited California wine country - yet - but I have been to some vineyards in Oregon, and I truly enjoyed the experience. This looks like wonderful vineyard. I like the pot man!

  3. Wendy
    Learning more about biodynamic methods .. very interesting.

    I so want to tour Oregon wine country! Lots of fine wines being produced, and one has a B&B that's included in my Pacific Northwest book.

  4. A very nice tour.Was pot man your guide?

  5. Waiting for that detailed post. BTW, is that dasylirion in the last picture?

  6. Hi Bom
    Not dasylirion but a tall grass! I'll be posting the feature shortly on AGTB so keep an eye out for it.

    Blue skies this morning - a nice break after all the rain.

  7. Hey GWGT
    Pot man was taking a break during our visit;-)

  8. I love the pot man! Very cute idea for the garden!

  9. Wine tasting and looking at plants - Mmmm, sounds pretty good to me.

  10. Hi Alice, i love that structure of pots, funny and welcomming. The day seems a great fun too!

  11. What better thing to have on a rainy day than a nice glass of chilled wine -- or maybe hot bluberry wine? Na, wrong country ;->