Thursday, November 4, 2010

Plant Hunting! 'Blue Heaven' .. VanDusen Botanical Garden

(Photo courtesy VanDusen Botanical Garden)
Wish I could attend this upcoming event at VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, BC.
Bill Terry will be presenting at 7:30 pm in the Garden's Floral Hall on November 11, sharing vignettes of his plant-hunting sojourn at 2700 km while traveling through Sichuan and Tibet.

Bill's tales include sightings of lovely alpine plants, including Meconopsis, the mythic blue poppy known to provoke plant lust in many a gardener. Author of 'Blue Heaven - Encounters with the Blue Poppy' (book will be available), and a grower of the genus, Bill can boast the most diverse collection of Asiatic poppies in North America. Visiting the collection is going on my bucket list!
Tickets in advance or at the door subject to availability.
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  1. Well Alice, I am certainly one of those lusting for this blue beauty! ;>)

  2. Alice:
    Ahhh yes, the elusive Meconopsis. I was out in the R&U border [Rare and Unusual] and noticed the four tags for the plants I installed this past Spring, only to watch each one slowly and painfully disappear, but I haven't given up the fight! I bought this book to see if it would offer me insight..... problem is I live in Ontario damn it! We would have so much fun if we were able to attend together.

  3. Hi Carol
    Somehow lust seems appropriate in this case!

    I'll never get over calling you 'Teza' ... xoxo

  4. Blue is my favorite and blue poppies really head the list.

  5. Vancouver is a bit too far to travel...Tibet is not much further...but I do love these blue poppies although they dont like our warm climate and prefer further north up in Scotland...hope all goes well for you Alice

  6. What a gorgeous plant!! I don't think they'd grow here, even if I could get my hands on one! Can you imagine a field of those poppies? Exquisite!