Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Looking Back .. Going Forward!

2010 draws to a close: The time of year to look back, moving forward!
Above... a new garden installation at Cornerstone Sonoma
'Cocoons' by Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot -- created with 5 miles of colored monofilament wrapped around a laser cut stainless steel armature fabricated by William Massie, architect. Forms that turn and spin in the windy, open landscape in wine country.

Since early 2010, I've focused more on regional destinations, news & events on this blog: Bay Area Tendrils, and have taken to highlighting garden settings and public landscapes near and far on Alice's Garden Travel Buzz.


When I look back over 2010, my dream journey to Rancho La Puerta in Tecate stands out. You may recall the flowing form of this dry-stone bench; an element of the garden's site-appropriate hardscaping.

I'll always have fond memories of my spa week at Rancho La Puerta

Sky at Dusk .. Tecate, Mexico.
I'll recall the beauty of the cultivated gardens, and especially the surrounding natural landscape, which is protected open space.

A lush vignette from my Springtime sojourn to Britain: a Tamarisk at the Chelsea Physic Garden: I wrote about a treasure trove of English Gardens & a rare Welsh landscape on:

A recent sojourn to experience the legacy of Rene & Veronica di Rosa in Napa Valley.
A Celebration of Art and Nature at:

Visit di Rosa and enjoy a nature walk through the Sculpture Meadow: Learn about the Preserve's restoration efforts of riparian areas, and wildflower plantings.

Ron Mann Sculpture - Stone Edge Farm and Winery
2010 opened my eyes to ancestral English estates, verdant autumnal walks, and to artists and designers who continue to push at boundaries as a means of personal expression.


  1. Definitely have to visit Cornerstone Sonoma in 2011, the Cocoon is a breathtaking display!

  2. I wonder how those Cocoons lasted after the recent storms? I have visions of them rolling along the road! Perhaps that's also how that car got in the tree??

  3. I raised lambs for 4H as a young girl. I miss them horribly now.

    You certainly went to some astounding places this year. Thanks for taking us along and sharing it with all of us.
    ( Even though I am SUPPOSED to be on hiatus, I still respond to comments.)

  4. Dear Alice, Wishing you a joyous and happy New Year! Would love to make it to Cornerstone Sonoma to take in the beauty of the cocoons!

  5. Splendid photos as always, but i really love that crescent stone bench too. Maybe i should do that in our area to hold erosion. Happy New Year Alice, and may you be further blessed!

  6. What a good year of reading your two blogs brought. Happy new year, Alice, and looking forward to more of your adventures.

  7. ugh - how lucky are you to have visited all these beautiful places - and lucky for me to be able to see these spots so far from where I am!

  8. Hello all,

    Wishing every one of my virtual friends ever more meaningful connections in cyberspace as 2011 becomes a reality!!

    And when we're especially fortunate, real life meetings, too!