Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Chosen Few .. Botanical Assets

Blue Lotus
Photo: Little & Lewis
A final '2010' recap, looking afresh at scintillating botanical assets that contribute to a sense of place and style in 3 very different settings. In the new garden created by artist/ plantsmen...
Little & Lewis of Bainbridge Island, Washington, a blue lotus lures garden visitors to a lush spot in the landscape: Representative of the sculptural and horticultural tableaux associated with this exceptional team of artist/designers, and the unmistakable vitality of their work.

There's nothing quite so exciting as visiting a landscape for the first time, and being stopped in one's tracks! Faced with a distinctive prospect such as this planting reminds me of why I revel in traveling from one garden to the next, never knowing what surprises await.

There's little that can be said about this stunning member of the Proteaceae family that is not apparent in the photograph. Yet, when I think how very recently these magnificent, drought-tolerant South African plants have become widely available in California and other U.S. regions where they may grow and thrive, I'm deeply thankful to be gardening at this time, and and in this place!


  1. Stunning photos, Alice! I had never heard about Leucadendron salignum. I hope to see the plant some day. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The Moss Walkway at Stone Edge Farm looks absolutely amazing. Sculpture can definitely set the scene.

  3. Hi PP,
    There are a host of Leucadendrons available of equal beauty!

  4. Alastair,
    Yes, our gardens offer great pleasures, and most of all perhaps, the chance to go beyond the expected to express concepts in plantings like the walkway. And artful objects have the ability to set the scene for the garden to become a unique environment.

  5. I should love to walk barefoot on the moss path! Lovely Alice!

  6. Ooooooh I so love that moss walkway! I want one!

  7. Another vote for the moss walkway! I bet it's slippery when damp, though! You wouldn't want it on a slope.

  8. What beautiful gardens!! I love the blue bird bath in the top photo and oh yeah, the moss walkway is awesome!! South African plants don't do well in my area but the pink leaves in the bottom photo are so gorgeous I wish they did.