Friday, February 11, 2011

A Landmark Living Wall of Native Plants

Photo, Courtesy Patrick Blanc
The Bay Area is abuzz, and I'm exhilarated! The very thought of innovative botanist, Patrick Blanc creating a large-scale project in San Francisco - my back yard so to speak - has the entire horticultural community in a state of excitement! And the general public, too, especially the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood. Imagine going out for a stroll and discovering a living wall taking shape before your eyes: It's the largest project Blanc has undertaken to-date in the United States.

Patrick Blanc at the February 10th press briefing.
(photo: Alice Joyce)
The placards flanking Patrick show: to the left in the photo - a selection of the native California species being planted; and on the right, Patrick's sketch of the design with the plant names indicated.
A detailed post about the project taking place at The Drew School is now posted on:

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  1. That's really interesting.....beautiful and natural. More and more people are doing this kind of thing around the it's not so much living walls as much as large rock walls.

  2. How exciting for you! How especially wonderful for the students.

    I have long been visiting his website as my wife wants a wall of our house to be a vertical garden. In the last gardening show I went to, they were recommending vertical gardens also because of smaller and smaller gardening spaces in the cities.

  3. Very cool! I wonder what the maintenance is like.

  4. NSARH
    Most important thing is to monitor the watering system!

  5. That ought to be amazing! It will be interesting to see what the maintenance involves.

  6. He's one of my heroes. Lucky girl!

  7. He has the best dress sense ever! and who knew green hair could be so cool? It's so obvious he ROCKS! Please keep us up to date on the progress of the wall, that first picture is stunning, I need to see more xxxx

  8. That is neat to see that he is doing more walls in the US. He did one for the Goodwill in Tacoma. It is doing pretty well. Here's a link to an article on it along with a picture.