Thursday, February 10, 2011

BIG RED SUN .. Landscape Design

Big Red Sun
Venice, California!
I stopped here on the way to L.A.X. Airport.

Luckily, I could open the gate and stroll around the courtyard, although the business is closed on Sunday. The large-scale planters overflowing with the bold rosette forms of drought-tolerant succulents are admirable. The Big Red Sun approach is full-service, as the signs indicate; including the creation of unique vessels in a variety of shapes from saucer-like to tall, narrow containers, and dramatic rectangular planting containers that function as stunning focal points - be it for an indoor or outdoor environment.

Big Red Sun provides garden design each step of the way.
Next trip, I'll be certain to catch them on an open day.
(Thank you Selena, for your comment and the invitation. The horticultural panoply on display in the courtyard along with the streetside plantings... it's quite the visual feast! I'll make a note that Sunday is your day of rest:)


  1. What a cool place! I love the giant succulents flowing out of those containers. :o)

  2. I don't think closed gates would keep me out of there either Alice. All those lovely succulents and whatever else. California here I come, I wish.

  3. This place is intriguing and I have quite a few succulents and like to see them planted.

  4. thanks for coming by Big Red Sun! And we totally don't mind you came inside the gate, we hope you enjoyed some quiet time in our garden.

    Sunday is the only day we are closed. We like to take it as a day of rest and enjoy all the planting we did all week.

    Please come by again and say hello!

    --Selena Souders, Owner Big Red Sun

  5. Big Red Sun..what a lovely name..have an amazing weekend Alice...