Monday, February 7, 2011

Left my heart in the Santa Monica Mountains!

Anigozanthos 'Big Red' Photos Copyright © Alice Joyce
Red Kangaroo Paw from Western Australia blooming in Santa Monica Place gardenscape.

Look for an endless parade of Southern California gardens & mountain landscapes in the weeks ahead on Bay Area Tendrils

I'll be reporting on my sojourn to the Los Angeles area,
where the Malibu Garden Club invited me to speak on...
21st Century Gardens: Movements, Projects, Trends

The Leaf & Petal Co. is located
across the street from the brilliantly renovated dreamscape for shoppers - Santa Monica Place,
opposite downtown's pedestrian-friendly Third Street Promenade.


  1. Cannot wait to read more about it! With any luck I can do some garden viewing down there soon if I am able to enter a medical study at UCSD. What a great vacation, right?

  2. I wish you all the best and will cross my fingers that your plans all work out, Ficurinia!

  3. I would so love to visit the shops in your area. I really do not like shopping per say, but do have a weakness for garden center shopping.Not to mention the stunning gardens I would be sure to find.

  4. Sunny California! Thanks for taking us along on your garden tours. I hope it's OK that I linked to your previous post about Hellebores? --Beth

  5. That red kangaroo's paw is amazing! I look forward to your posts on these beautiful gardens.

  6. Looking forward to you garden features, Alice!

  7. The Red Kangaroo Plant is the most amazing flower I have every seen. I am so fascinating I will do ACTUAL research on it.

    Also where is the other half of the elephant.

    Good luck on your talk. I'll be awaiting your recap.

  8. lifeshighway,
    Hmmm, elephant truncated .. or would that be ...trunkcated!

  9. Looking forward to seeing more. It looks nice and warm there...

  10. Red Kangaroo Paw? being Australian i am sure it will grow fine in my climate. Santa Monica seeds to be a cool place.