Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beverly Hills Beauty .. Greystone Park Gardens

A little-known gem of a public park in Beverly Hills....

Greystone Mansion is an impressive Gothic-style estate surrounded by picturesque gardens.

Although more minimal than the landscape originally created in the 1920s, and designed by Paul G. Thiene, the lovely parkland has been administered by the City of Beverly Hills since 1965.
A cultural and historic destination you'll want to explore when visiting Los Angeles, Greystone is the site of special events -- from weddings to home and garden shows. It's a popular location where filming often takes place for television and movies.

Visit for the park's current Open Hours: Admission is free.
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  1. this is a beautiful park and I am partial to anything from the 20s and can see some of the influences from that time..

  2. I would love to explore this park and gardens and the mansion.

  3. Donna, It's certainly fun at times to imagine living in another era.

    I think you would enjoy all the park's quiet corners. It is a popular place for photo opportunities, however;-)

  4. What a beautiful garden! I can see why it is popular for photographers, movie makers, and weddings.

  5. Wow,Greystone park and gardens, this is a place which I would visit. May be out of my comfort zone a little, but hey who cares.

  6. Holley,
    Alistair, and MNGE,

    Greystone offers a rare glimpse of a Hollywood era long past. I was thrilled to see how beautifully the grounds were kept.

  7. What a lovely estate, Greystone is a photographer's delight. I have seen it photographed in movies, but I am sure there is nothing like being there in person. The fountains would be photos I would take too. Great shots and perspectives.

  8. oh yes - when Andrew and I re-new of vows someday ...... It's beautiful I LOVE fountains so you got me at the start!