Monday, March 7, 2011

Winter Blooms .. Spring Approaches!

One of my favorite gardens to photograph: This one-acre landscape will be included as part of an Australians Studying Abroad tour -- a one-day visit to private gardens that I'm now planning for the Spring of 2012.
Text and Photographs Copyright © Alice Joyce
It's been 10 years since I first wrote an article about the garden, which appeared as a cover story in the San Francisco Chronicle - Home & Garden. Photographing a garden over the span of a decade is a project that encourages an intimate connection with the site.

I'm looking forward to the months ahead, as the landscape's ornamental grasses, deciduous trees, and dormant perennials awaken. I'll be dropping by to capture the displays and seasonal changes in a continuing series of photographs.


  1. Great colours! I love the play with textures in this shot. Very conscious choice of plant materials...

  2. Hi Phoebe,
    Indicative of the garden's mild, bayside setting... blooms in winter and lush green foliage!

  3. Alice
    Think i will have to "get with the program" and start following you on twitter. Thanks for the info as always.
    cheers Ian

  4. Ian
    Be sure to tweet! to let me know you've signed on.

  5. Hi Alice, Gorgeous Arum Lilies on your opening shot. I enjoyed my trip to the Corte Madera garden.

  6. That is such a dreamy fountain and the planting around it really complements it. Is there a way to walk up to the fountain or is it in the middle of the water body?

  7. Hello Alice, to follow a garden over a decade is a wonderful thing to do...