Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Worth the Wait... Mexican Lily - Countdown to Bloom

Beschorneria yuccoides : Emerging Bud of Mexican Lily
Photo © Alice Joyce
Another milestone in Alice's Garden: Truly, I nearly fell over the other day when I happened to glance at the garden's one and only Beschorneria yuccoides. Emerging after a decade more or less, the succulent with gorgeous leaf color is only now preparing to send up a flowering stalk, which will tower above the strappy leaves.

In 2004 I witnessed a stunning mass planting of the species growing in the Mill Valley garden of artist/photographer Don Worth: Featured in one of my 'Garden Walks' columns for the San Francisco Chronicle, Don's garden opened to the public at the time as part of the Garden Conservancy's Open Days Program.
There's an interesting back story, as well.
Don and I crossed paths 2 decades prior when I studied for a Master of Arts in Sculpture, and he was a senior faculty member in the Art Department at San Francisco State University. Life so often seems to surprise us with such serendipitous encounters.


  1. A decade?! Wow! You will share the flower stalk with us, won't you?

  2. Alice:
    A gardener after my heart.... one who is willing to wait patiently, even for a decade, to witness a plant's crowning glory! Indeed, you must share its unveiling with us! Hope all is well with you. Nursery life has me running in circles!

  3. Bom
    Yes, the patience of a saint;=] Do check in to see the flowers in all their glory.

    I miss you. Hope you're don't melt after running round in circles!!

  4. What! I can't wait to see it.

  5. The Yucca, I had no idea it was called the Mexican Lily. Not very likely to flower here in Scotland.

  6. It will be a treat when it opens. I am anxious to see it.