Saturday, May 7, 2011

Encounters with Wildlife!

Gargoyle .. Grotesque? A creature encountered in Valencia's Turia Gardens,
keeping watch over the Bridge of the Guardian Angel.

Perhaps you can identify this lizard species.
Enjoying a sunbath in the Anza-Borrego desert landscape, while hiding in plain sight:
Its coloration perfectly matches the environment.
for helping to I.D. the Desert Iguana, Dipsosaurus dorsalis]

We're certain we saw this roadrunner in the hotel parking lot when we were in Desert Hot Springs a few years ago. Such fun to see him again!

Hedgehog (cactus:-)


  1. These are great photos, and when we lived on 5 acres in the country I thought about getting a few peacocks. They are so handsome. But I read that their shrieking cries disturb neighbors and we decided not to.

  2. Alice, The peacock reminded me of the time when my elderly mother walking down the street in her extremely built up area found a peacock walking towards her, apparently it had escaped from some grand garden where the owner kept exotics.

  3. Alastair,
    I hope your mother did not experience shock! How disconcerting it must have been for her!!

  4. Bom,
    Thanks! Going through my photo archives is a great way to relive past travels.

  5. Hi Terra
    Peacocks do have a disturbing cry that would make one think twice about adopting them.

  6. The extremely handsome lizard is a Desert Iguana, Dipsosaurus dorsalis.

  7. What unusual wildlife, certainly not seen her. The peacock is a gorgeous creature.

  8. I wish I could identify this lizard, but does not resemble any species of the Mediterranean, as far as I know. Very interesting!