Monday, August 29, 2011

Nature Beckons... Morro Rock

Morro Rock (Photo: Kjkolb Wikipedia)

Morro Rock Photo © Alice Joyce
Not far from the cities of Paso Robles & San Luis Obispo on California's Central Coast, the magnificent outcrop of Morro Rock emerges from the Pacific Ocean. One element of the so-called Nine Sisters, Morro Rock is referred to as a 'volcanic plug' on Wikipedia. "There are nine volcanic peaks and hills between Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo... The peaks were created over 20,000,000 years ago as volcanic ... magma which welled up .. inside softer rock which has since eroded."


  1. That is such an interesting rock craggy. I can see how it could be made from magma...with the is beautiful!

  2. Love that rock. We spend time down in Cayucos and pop over to Morro Bay for some sightseeing. Great pics of the place. Matti

  3. SB
    Thanks for stopping to comment. The rock has a mesmerizing effect.

    I need to explore Cayucos next time I'm in the area!