Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Sinuous Sussex Landscape: Land Art in Lewes

During my Springtime sojourn to England, I basked in the horticulture and garden design of London's Chelsea Flower Show. And after all the hustle and bustle of London, one of my favorite destinations, I took a side trip to the county town of Lewes in East Sussex. At the edge of town in a local nature reserve, I encountered the sinuous pattern of a land art installation by Chris Drury: Heart of Reeds.

[Photos © Alice Joyce]
From the overlook you can discern the twists and turns emerging in the artist's design for the wetland planting. A double vortex pattern is meant to symbolize the connection between the environment and those of us who care for it.

Overlooking Alfriston: Cuckmere Valley [Photo © Alice Joyce]
The surrounding landscape of the South Downs is picture perfect in every way.
Even on a damp day in May, the vistas are breathtaking.
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  1. Beautiful scenery! I can see why it would be a welcome break from the bustle of the city. Congratulations on your Best 100 Travel Blog Award!

  2. Those curves in each photo have meaning - nice - much different than curves just for the sake of curves. Whether a watercourse, or a road, such gentle movement is a strong pattern!

    Was the 1st photo taken at the opposite time of the day from the 2nd photo? The light change creates a different effect.

  3. Beautiful view! To be so high and see it all...amazing!