Thursday, September 15, 2011

Andy Goldsworthy: Wood Line - San Francisco Presidio

Wood Line
[Photo by Monique Deschaines]

Aficionados of Andy Goldsworthy's artworks are legion. All the more reason to make your way to the Presidio of San Francisco, where the artist's newest installation has been created in a grove of eucalyptus. You'll find Wood Line just inside the park's Presidio Gate along Presidio Boulevard. The work represents a project commissioned by the FOR-SITE Foundation, partnering with the Presidio Trust.

Read about Goldsworthy's earlier Presidio installation: the Spire

Note: The Presidio Habitats exhibition featured on Bay Area Tendrils in April will close Oct. 2nd.

A permanent site-specific work by Goldsworthy is located in the entry courtyard
"takes its inspiration from the unique character of California’s tectonic topography. Goldsworthy has created a continuous crack running north from the edge of the Music Concourse roadway in front of the museum, up the main walkway, into the exterior courtyard, and to the main entrance door. Along its path, this crack bisects -- and cleaves in two -- large rough-hewn stone slabs that serve as seating for museum visitors."


  1. Andy Goldsworthy is amazing. I got into his work years before I started gardening and like to think I was somehow kickstarted by his imaginative installations. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wish I could get out there to see it! Looks like a great presentation, and it's neat that it ties in with the museum seating.

  3. Hi RG and PP
    thanks for stopping by. Goldsworthy is such an inspiration.

  4. My guess is that the photograph, which is amazing in and of itself, doesn't do the actual "living" artwork justice.

  5. Cathy and Steve,
    For sure, the power of the work is definitely felt most deeply when in the presence of a Goldsworthy installation.

  6. Brilliant post aboutone of my favourite artists. I've heard him speak about his work a couple times in Edinburgh. He's quiet but gets very enthusiastic. There's a lot of his work around these parts and then there's the books...
    Go and see his work if you can.