Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Naughty Neptune! Villa Lante Reprise

Villa Lante Parterre : Fontana dei Mori
Photo © Alice Joyce

When I wrote my contributions to the book, 1001 Gardens You Must See Before You Die, I did not have the pleasure of writing the entry for Villa Lante.

Still, every so often I feel the urge to reprise this magnificent setting when I'm caught up in the reverie of touring Italy to visit gardens. I hope you'll enjoy these glimpses of an Italian gem, located near Viterbo in Lazio Province, not terribly far from Rome.

Text  and Photos © Alice Joyce - All rights reserved


  1. I tried getting there when I was in Italy but alas, Italian public transport failed us. Or at least our lack of knowledge of the Italian public transport system failed us!

    One day!

  2. Phoebe,
    I've been trying to get to Melbourne! xo

  3. I must say, your book (1001 Gardens You Must See.....) is the basis for all of our vacations. We look to the book for inspiration have made it a point to see one or two gardens each year (and write our impressions in the margins of the book for future generations). I wish you had done this entry as well, but I will print this and tuck it into the book as this is high up on our list for gardens we intend to visit in the next few years.