Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blotanical Blogosphere: Connecting...

Summer Bouquet: Zinnia 'Berry Basket' - a cultivar from Renee's Seeds that deserves high praise!

The zinnia plants have been blooming non-stop at T's community garden, where there has been no problem at all with mildew. T brings home big bunches that I take delight in. I'm lucky that he gardens in a plot in full sun, as Alice's Garden receives decreasing sunlight with each passing year; certainly not enough to grow vigorous annuals such as this.

I've spent some time this morning connecting with new bloggers via the Blotanical web site. It's a great place to discover gardening blogs of every kind, foodies to exotic gardens filled with tropicals. I find it to be a great place to find blogs from countries as diverse as the gardening realm itself.

By the way, this post is a test of the new Blogger Interface.
I wonder if any of my blogging cohorts have already made the switch?
Another question....
Are you part of the Blotanical blogosphere?


  1. Love the Zinnias. They make a pretty bouquet. Have I missed something? Blogger interface? I must have missed the memo.

  2. Bernie,
    I've been having some problems posting on Blogger, and now it's asking me to "try the new interface" ...
    You haven't gotten that message?

  3. That's it! I'm growing Zinnias this year!
    I have switched I've and quite like it..

    I am angry at Blotanical. I originally put in the wrong email address and have not been able to activate my account. I have sent so many emails to them and have had no response! Do you have an account with them?

  4. Isn't it fun to meet to bloggers from around the globe? I love that Blotanical makes the gardening world feel smaller, and make it easier to connect.

  5. Love the zinnias! I need to start growing these. They are such hard workers - in bloom when a lot of things are not. I'm always behind - have no idea what the new interface is!

  6. I received the message, but was hesitant to try it yet. What's the difference? (Lovely floral bouquet!)

  7. Dear Alice, I think zinnias are my favorite annual here. Yours are beautiful! I didn't get the memo either. I'm hooked on Blotanical. P. x

  8. Phoebe,
    Yes, I'm on Blotanical. Sorry to hear that you haven't gotten a response from Stuart. Maybe you can tweet him if you're on Twitter? He's @bussogardener

    I feel the same way about Blotanical.

    I wouldn't worry about the interface blogger is not asking;-)

    the interface is quite different but difficult to explain. I suppose it's meant to be better, a step up, but time will tell.

    I wonder why some of us have been nudged to move to the new interface? And yep, I'm hooked, too!

  9. Hello Alice, i've not been here for a while. I love zinnias too. As to the new interphase, i am afraid of changing as i might encounter problems i might not possibly able to mend, anyway this old one is not giving me much problems except for Blotanical which is so slow!

  10. I admire your zinnias, and have not received the interface questions yet.

  11. Zinnias have been my favourite from the cutting patch this year - will definitely grow heaps more next year - really good value for money.

  12. Pretty! I always love to plant zinnias in my flower garden, along with carnations and roses. They're great cutting flowers. They have so many colors you can think of.

  13. I hope the new interface on Blogger allows comments through Blotanical. I have been having difficulty with some blogs where it does not allow comments. It causes me to leave Blotanical to access a blog via my sidebar. It is very inconvenient. I am coming from my sidebar now, not even checking through Blotanical.

  14. Have not heard about interface, whatever that is. Am a blotanist. Loovvve the Zinnias.

  15. Blogger emailed that the old interface will be completely gone ASAP... So if you haven't switched, you will find a new way to format. I don't understand why everyone hasn't received the same email!