Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Most Beautiful Blue: Interlude at the Lurie Garden

Arrived home tired but enthused after from my annual pilgrimage to the Lurie Garden in Chicago's Millennium Park.
 My visits often coincide with the bloom of Bottle Gentian / Gentiana andrewsii 
[Photo © Alice Joyce]
Would anyone care to provide an I.D. for the tiny white sparkly blooms in the background? 


  1. This photo and flower looks so elegant in a bed of white flowers.

  2. Gentians are so hard to resist with their terrific shades of blue.

  3. Gentians are so very hard to resist with such shades of blue.

  4. Hi Andrea and Alistair,
    thanks for stopping by to enjoy a 'blue' post;)

  5. Hi Alice, you left a comment on my blog and so I thought I will check out yours, too :-)! I have to say I like it a lot!
    The gentiana andrewsii is such a lovely plant and it goes so well with the tiny white flowers in the background. Hope someone knows what plant what plant they belong to!

  6. Those 'white sparkly blooms' are: Calamintha nepeta ssp. nepeta (Lesser Calamintha). It's a great 'filler' plant with a minty fragrance -- blooms till frost in Chicago -- very hardy. Upon close inspection the flowers can take on a lavender hue.