Monday, October 3, 2011

Late-Summer Gardens .. Chicago River Cruise

It seems I'm always looking forward to visiting my home town.
 Chicago is vibrant in its approach to arts and culture, a dream destination for anyone who appreciates historic and contemporary architecture. The brilliant river cruise I took last week was a high point! 

Visit  ... to get the full details on the city's most informative architecture cruise:
 Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise aboard Chicago’s First Lady Cruises 
  Leaving from the Riverside Gardens Dock – look for the blue awnings – on the lower level of the Michigan Avenue bridge at Wacker Drive.

Garden lovers must be sure to take a stroll down north Michigan Avenue toward Water Tower to see what's been planted. Lush, eye-catching displays are enlarged upon each year by temporary installations.
As the sign indicates, a new, upcoming event - Chicago Ideas Week will be held from October 10-16, to feature a host of speakers and innovative workshops taking place all around town. The event exemplifies the kind of energetic approach Chicago is known for.


  1. It has been a long while since I have visited Chicago. You reminded me how lovely it is...great photos!

  2. SB,
    Thanks! I can't wait to return to Chicago as soon as I reach California, just not during the winter months;-0

  3. Yeah, Michigan Avenue plantings get better every year. Thanks for the tip on the October event--I'll be there for work next week. Glad your trip to the Midwest was pleasant!

  4. Lovely post...reminded me of our brill visit to Chicago three years ago.

  5. Hello Alice I clicked in landed in Chicago. What architecture- vertiginous and breathtaking.

  6. PP
    Green with envy ;~D that you work is taking you to Chi for Ideas Week!

    Loving Chicago only next to my fondness for London!