Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lurie Garden Lyrical

Piet Oudolf plantings: September at Chicago's Lurie Garden - Millennium Park
Echinacea seedheads cosseted by grasses.

It's official: I've transitioned to the new Blogger interface and can attest to the enhanced features.
Like any change, it simply takes some getting used to, but I'd say it's definitely a step up from the old.


  1. I like the improvements as well... except maybe for the fact that when you click on posts it always returns to published posts as the default, even when you are working on draft posts.

  2. Alice as the photo opened before me I thought wow and then saw it is a Piet Oudolf planting I love his work, thanks for sharing, Frances

  3. Everything is looking great Alice, including the Echinacea seedheads.

  4. I like the improvements too.

    The mixture of red and green makes the grass beautiful. I have a shot of the grass but without the seeds and without the reds. It comes with a dragonfly instead.

  5. Hi All
    Impossible to get enough of the Lurie Garden, eh!
    And Piet Oudolf's work..
    Thanks for stopping by.....

  6. Even though I miss the lovely echinacea blooms, I sort of like the brown, crusty seedheads at this time of year. I have transitioned to the new interface as well. I wonder if that is why I have trouble being recognized on other blogger blogs comments section. I usually have to select the Name/URL instead because it does not recognize my Google account...strange..

  7. Hi SB
    One problem I've had is that Google analytics stopped tracking my blog stats. I hope it's corrected.
    I'll have to see if the comment problem comes up. Thanks for mentioning it!