Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Elegant Amethyst .. Tricyrtis lasiocarpa

Statuesque Tricyrtis lasiocarpa...
[Photo © Alice Joyce]
has spread widely to fill a large bed with its delightful display, a show that goes on and on for many weeks. Looking ever so much like orchid flowers, this 'toad lily' has taken over much of the space where another variety, Tricyrtis hirta 'Variegata' had been growing and thriving. Clearly T. lasiocarpa is proving to be the more vigorous species.


  1. Plants like this are so cool. They are some of what separates us dried-out inland folk from you moister coastal folk!

  2. Superb and a little twist better than T formosana oooooooooh those spots.

  3. David,
    Surprisingly, and a bit surprise to me, the toad lilies grow in very dry soil. My garden receives little water overall.The Tricyrtis come to life as the days cool and the shade deepens.

    You must have conditions that are ab fab perfect for so many perennials!

  4. I too thought toad lily was a moisture lover. This is a pretty one.

  5. Amethyst is prominent in these beauties, but I can see all the other subtle colors that add to the striking bloom. I am glad to know they can take a bit of dryness.

  6. what complex beauty is in these flowers, i will defintiely watch out for them since they like dry. Although it has hardly stopped raining her for more than a year!