Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vertical Garden Virtuoso!

The design of the garden is now quite apparent as the plants have produced lush growth 6 months after the installation. Many species are continuing to bloom as we enter the Bay Area's Fall season.
Drew School Vertical Garden October 2011 ... San Francisco 
Photos @ Alice Joyce
Look carefully in the upper bay window and you'll catch a glimpse of Patrick Blanc gesturing to a journalist before the reception and presentation.
The afternoon winds had picked up and the light was fading when I photographed this lupine bloom, waving about some 18 inches or so from the green wall. Patrick expressed delight in the progress of the plantings!
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  1. I guess there is some sort of internal watering system to keep the plants flourishing, it looks wonderful, vertical planting - a garden for the future.

  2. Elaine,
    no soil, but yes, water and small amounts of fertilizer to feed the plants.
    thanks for stopping to comment.

  3. Hi Alice, it is so very beautiful. I am just wondering how will pruning be done later. It might be so difficult.

  4. Andrea
    They're getting ready to prune - they will be using a 'cherry-picker'.
    It will need to be pruned a couple times a year, most likely.

  5. It's a fabulous concept that I'm glad to see it's taking off worldwide!

  6. Hi Mark and Gaz
    The more projects installed, the more can be learned about maintaining and designing these gardens.
    FYI, Patrick is beginning to bring them into 3-D space, too! With 'blades' that have two sides.

  7. So lush and lovely! I think plants look so much better than many other house building materials.

  8. It's wonderful to see the plants thriving so well--it's a beautiful display!

  9. I'm not sure if I'd ever venture to planting a vertical garden, but I must admit, this one is beautiful. I'm impressed with how lush it looks!

  10. I want a vertical garden for at least one wall of my house. I did some online research and it seems a very complex affair.

  11. to All,
    Thanks for your comments, stay tuned to see the garden as it matures...

    there are different techniques. Maybe you could find one that is more basic that would work for your environment?