Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Glittering Gardens Designed by Andy Cao

Two new installations have emerged at Cornerstone Sonoma ..
...both designed by Andy Cao of Cao:Perrot Studio
Red Lantern
is a work in progress, to be completed within the next month: In time for a reception with Andy on November 20th and a no-host dinner co-sponsored by The Garden Conservancy.

Bai Yun / White Cloud
represents a transformation of Andy's initial work installed at Cornerstone - the Lullaby Garden.
I found it enchanting to get lost in the austere landscape of Bai Yun,
an atmosphere that effectively contrasts with the glittering clouds overhead. 


  1. Amazing! I am always astounded how sculptures fit so well in the garden.

  2. Looks like I better grab the camera and head over there ! Sure wish Late Show Gardens hadn't bit the dust.

  3. ks,
    If we keep wishing, maybe there will be a reprise one of the Late Show Gardens one day;-)

  4. Hey SB,
    Don't you think Andy's sculptural viewpoint forms a seamless whole... expression his unique vision of the contemporary garden?

  5. So artful! I love the display with the Cactuses! It must be especially striking in person.

  6. I love the first installation.... in fact I want it!

  7. Wow - so cool!! I love the look of the 'clouds' with the clear blue sky behind them!

  8. I love the way plantings and sculptures can combine to form a complicated and exquisite creation.