Monday, November 7, 2011

Perennial 'Pamina' Puts on a Show

Another iPhone Photo
Anemone 'Pamina' at the peak of its Fall bloom. 
Now that the garden is being tidied in anticipation of winter, the long-blooming anemones have finally been cut back. Pink is not a color that appears much in Alice's Garden, but when Spring and Summer have passed, I welcome these deep rose-pink flowers that have spread to fill an entire bed. 
By the way, I failed to mention that my new phone is Apple's 3G, not the latest version with a spiffy camera. I really can't expect great photos, but it does provide an option when I haven't brought my 'real' camera along. 
Thanks to everyone who stopped by to comment on taking photos with their phones. Seems like using or not using a phone camera is on the minds of many bloggers. Meanwhile, if you noticed my signature avatar has become an '!' ... exclamation point, it's because I've been reconfiguring things. Hope to correct that soon. 
On another note,
I reviewed a terrific new book, Wildflower Wonders, by Bob Gibbons.
Photo Copyright Bob Gibbons: Mazama Ridge - Mount Rainier
Published by Princeton University Press, the book overflows with Bob's heavenly images of the world's most magnificent sites for wild species blanket vast areas. 
To read the review and to see more photos, visit Alice's Garden Travel Buzz


  1. Such a breathtaking scenery. Truly beautiful!

  2. Hi Alice, What is the "real" camera you would recommend? A Canon Model # ? beautiful photos as always cheers ian

  3. The wildflower photo is wonderful! And I will have to check out that book...sounds interesting.

  4. Welcome Dewi,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    I am a fan of Canon cameras. I continue to use an older model, in part because it features an adjustable viewfinder. I don't think their new cameras have this feature, and I hesitate to give it up. It's not all about increased pixels as far as I'm concerned. For publication in print, it's a different story.

  5. Hi SB
    One could definitely build a lifetime of travel around the destinations in 'Wildflower Wonders.' If only..... ;-)

  6. I like the Cannon G10 but know I am still not realizing its full potential!

    The wildflower book looks beautiful and I am proud to say that I live in the same State as that meadow!

  7. I'be seen that wildflower shot a few times now, and haven't tired of it yet. And your anemones look splendid. Unsure what others were saying about their phone shots, but I find that every camera has its pros and cons. The best thing about a phone camera is that it's always there. I've captured some pretty nice images with mine -- some crappy ones, too. Just like with my "better" cameras..

  8. Oh, my! How I wish I had a wildflower meadow that looked like that!

  9. Karen
    You must be blessed with areas of great natural beauty nearby.
    With cameras, I think we all might say the same, using a new camera to its full potential would be a challenge!

  10. Helen
    I'll keep your comment in mind. Bottom line, whatever the device, some shots soar while others can be quickly deleted!

  11. Hey Deb
    I think we'd all like to walk outside to find a meadow like this in the back garden;~D

  12. Gosh...that wildflower meadow is to die for!

  13. Beautiful scene--I'll have to check out that book, too! The light seems to make a huge difference with the camera phones. In low light, I don't have much luck, but with enough sun the shots are pretty impressive. And the camera phones are getting better all the time.