Thursday, March 22, 2012

Seriously Stormy: Thornless Flowering Quince

Early Spring Bloomers...
My garden boasts new blooming shrubs this Spring, in shades of scarlet and orange.
Photo: Courtesy Proven Winners
The shrubs are thornless varieties of Double Take flowering quince and they're proving to be an excellent addition to Alice's Garden Some time in May last year the plant shipment arrived, sent to me by Proven Winners to trial.  I planted an "Orange Storm' in the enclosed front patio area and another in the main garden outside the french doors at the rear of the house.

The showy, double flowers began opening in early March. Now fully open, stems have many more flower buds forming. As you can see, they look a lot like camellias, though not as large. They are quite a bit bigger and with a more beguiling form than the flowers on species shrubs.
Flowering Quince Double Take 'Orange Storm'  - Chaenomeles 
Photos © Alice Joyce
Double Take 'Scarlet Storm' - Chaenomeles 

One of the'Scarlet Storm' plants has been planted in a rather sequestered spot in my garden. I'm glad to see tall stems emerging as they seek the light. 

'Pink Storm' is planted in T's sunny community garden in our town center, where it receives full sun; more than anywhere here at home. Another is planted at my friend's plot a block away, where I can keep an eye on it. There's been so much rain lately that I haven't had a chance to photograph the pink form, but it's blooming abundantly and clearly thriving at the community garden plot. I'll surely continue to photograph these beauties. I'm smitten!


  1. it's nice to see flowers with so many petals arranged in such orderly manner....

    1. Thanks, Bangchik,
      I'm already dotty about these flowers!

  2. A thornless quince - fabulous!!! And the bloom is gorgeous. This will surely be a big hit.

    1. HolleyGarden
      Having struggled with pruning a thorny quince in my Chicago garden, I can attest to the comfort level being around the new varieties! Thanks for stopping by...

  3. Oh how beautiful! I'd love to grow a Quince, their flowers are just gorgeous early in the season when little else is in bloom. These flowers look so full, almost rose-like!

  4. Belas flores!!! Fiquei feliz em conhecer suas Chaenomeles, é uma linda flor que eu ainda não conhecia, também ser parente da Rosa só podia ser maravilhosa!
    Um grande abraço.