Saturday, March 24, 2012

San Francisco Flower and Garden Show Buzz!

Part I - A handful of highlights from the 2012 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show
GardenMob by Saunders Design
featured expansive walls representing "upcycled landfill rescue materials,"
a long rectangular pool and colorful Rhodies.

Below: The PLANit Green garden demonstrated the successful use of recycled 'Urbanite' as a hardscape material, reclaimed wood, recycled glass, and local rock.
Created by the West Valley College Landscape Architecture Student Club and Habitat Horticulture,
the minimal design is set off by a cool color scheme, with planted pillars as focal points,
and a massed planting of Astelia 'Red Gem.' 

An engaging garden on every level of sensory experience, designed by the guru of grasses, John Greenlee.

Today: Saturday March 24th at the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show Gala, this fabulous garden will be raffled off - value $25,000 - to benefit the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society.
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Mariposa Gardening and Design 
Their stonework is always outstanding!
Photos © Alice Joyce

The Darjit garden, with its golden dragon sculpture by Kobi Beck, drew plenty of crowds as show visitors posed for photo opportunities. The material, Darjit utilizes primarily recycled paper together with a mix of china clay, rock powder and cellulose fibre.

An excellent selection of beautiful poster art at the ...
Vintage European Posters booth: 
The company is located in Berkeley on Fourth Street.


  1. I love picture 6. It's like a jungle of bamboo.. with a bit of abandonment. Lovely setting...

    1. Bangchik
      Very well said. The 'abandon' is integral to the design!

  2. Thanks Alice, as always for your inspiring posts and keeping us up to date on the garden world in SF. Ian

  3. I wish we could have made it this year. Thanks for sharing the highlights. I love the rectangular pool with the river rock. Somewhat formal in overall design, but the natural stones really soften the look.