Monday, March 26, 2012

Beschorneria Bloom: An Update

Beschorneria yuccoides
(Note: This is an updated post with the spelling corrected: The plant is not blooming now, but ... it has had pups!  Multiple plant offsets have formed at the base and I'm in the process of detaching a few.)

With each passing day the Beschorneria flowering stalk continues to unfurl.

The weather persists in a strangely cold and wet pattern, despite having entered the Bay Area's dry season. Still, the garden has enjoyed a thorough, natural, watering and that's a good thing!


  1. Yes I reckon the natives are loving this weather but my warm season veggies are a different story!

  2. Hello Alice, i never thought I'd ever say this but whereas over your place you have rain, over here in England we are crying out for rain! What an amazing plant..

  3. I had to look that one up, Alice. What an unusual colour! I have the white ones here but they won't bloom for months:D

    1. Hi Lesley
      I'm unfamiliar with other species. You've got me curious to see your white form!