Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dream Catcher .. Kudos, Kolkwitzia!

Having turned the corner on the 3-year anniversary of Bay Area Tendrils,
I'm reposting one of the loveliest shrubs sent by 'Proven Winners' to trial in my garden.

The company released the plant about 5 years ago.

Finally, the rain returns .. and the garden is a dance floor where juncos strut.

Having been buried in a mountain of tax forms - always anxious to put this yearly task behind me - I await the emergence of some of my favorite spring-bloomers to begin showing signs of life.

I photographed this fairly recent addition to the garden last April. 
Kolkwitzia amabilis 'Dream Catcher' is the aptly named Beauty Bush, a Proven Winners cultivar worth seeking out.

A profuse bloomer, it boasts glowing foliage in filtered shade, and a graceful branching form.


  1. Dream Catcher is divine, especially when grown in partial shade where its fabulously chartreuse foliage shimmers. I am frustrated to have Proven Winners calling it a new cultivar..... I have had mine for close to five years! New to them perhaps!

    1. Oh Barry,

      I love the gorgeous foliage too! Please note: It's mentioned as 'new' because I've reprised a blog I wrote 3 years ago --
      Don't blame Proven Winners;-)) At the top of the page I mention that this is reposted! They did release it about 5 years ago.

  2. That is a beauty! The chartreuse foliage would look lovely surrounded by some type of bright burgundy foliage or bright or deep pink flowers. Both would look great in filtered shade, too.

    1. Hi PP
      I'm now growing Dream Catcher in an angular, dark blue glazed container. It creates a beautiful focal point, but you know me and dark foliage. I just love it! So there are many dark-leaved plants nearby for the Kolkwitzia to play off!

  3. My kolkwitzia can never be outdone by any new versions, since it's a shoot from the kolkwitzia that held one end of the hammock in my parents' garden when I was a child... (Also, it is vigorous, a great bloomer and it has proven its hardiness by being an offspring of a shrub that was originally planted a few months before I was born.)

    Also, in Danish kolkwitzia is called "Dronningebusk" - The Queen Bush - and when she blooms she most definitely deserves that title.

  4. Flaneur...
    What a lovely story. I'll now think of the 'Queen Bush' when looking at the blooms. Thank you!